HETRONIK since ever is specialized exclusively in the development, production and marketing of multi-channel power controllers.

Common is also the name "oven controller".

HC stands for Heater Controller.

Ovens consisting of many (some dozens to many thousands) heating elements (heaters) or groups of heating elements and must be individually controlled in the power (controlled), requires a corresponding number of "power controller".

Traditionally, the services are controlled by SSRs (Solid State Relays) which are clocked by digital PLC (Programmable Logic Control) outputs.

SSRs and fuses require a lot of space in the control cabinet. The wiring is expensive.

Circuit boards with circuit breakers (usually triacs or thyristors), fuses and heat sinks, many of which interconnect PCBs to a PLC via a bus system, reduce assembly time and space requirements.

If the failure of SSRs, heating elements, breakage of fuses and lines has to be detected, the total cost of our HC Heater Controller is considerably lower.

Christian Haug (one of the two founders) was instrumental in the development of the first heating control system in 1982.

Our products claim the technical world market leadership.

There is no other manufacturer in the world with an almost extensive product range for

  • a few dozen to many thousand channels
  • 1 ... 100 A per channel
  • 50 to 480 Vac
  • 50 and 60 Hz
  • single-phase and three-phase
  • emitter between phase and neutral or between two phases
  • full waves, half-waves and phase control
  • inrush current limitation of IR lamps with softSTART
  • fuse, circuit breaker and radiator failure detection via current measurement per channel
  • partial load fraction detection in emitter groups (also in IR lamps groups)
  • can be networked via PLCs from SIEMENS, ALLEN BRADLEY, ABB, BECKHOFF, OMRON, MITSUBISHI ... via PLC projects developed by HETRONIK (so-called PLC master) for completely automatic data exchange.
  • PROFIBUS-DP, PROFINET, EtherCAT, EtherNet / IP, ...
  • adjustment of power output fluctuations at non-constant mains voltage
  • temperature control with autotuning
  • diagnosis via LCD, LEDs and WINDOWS software
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