Multi channel power controllers for

  • electric (ohmic) heating resistors
  • infrared ceramic heaters
  • infrared quartz heaters
  • IR-lamps (halogen, tungsten, short wave, fast medium wave, NIR, ...)
  • metal foil heaters
  • cartridge heaters
  • heating bands
  • air heating elements
  • thermal expanding bolts
  • ...


  • thermoforming machines
  • blister packing machines
  • laminating presses
  • edge wrapping/folding machines
  • PET bottle stretch blow molding machines
  • heat/dry/cure applications for paint, resin, carbon fiber, oraganosheet ...
  • infrared welders
  • extruders heating bands
  • hot runners
  • ...

Alternatives for

SSRs (solid state relays)

  • considerable less space in electric cabinet needed
  • no extra wiring of fuses and digital PLC outputs
  • easier PLC programming
  • smother heat with faster, more precise switching (firing)


HC Heater Controllers

  • HC500 (high end)
  • HC700 (light)
  • HC600 (traditional)
  • (HC100, HC200, HC300, HC400)


  • for some dozens to many thousand channels
  • 1 ... 100 A each channel
  • 24 to 480 Vac
  • 50 and 60 Hz
  • single phase or three phase
  • heaters between phase and neutral or between two phases
  • full sinusoid wave, half sinusoid wave or phase angle control
  • inrush current reduction of IR-lamps via softSTART
  • fuse, power switch and heater failure detection with amp measurement each channel
  • partial load failure detection in heater groups (also IR-lamp groups)
  • interfacing with PLCs of SIEMENS, ALLEN BRADLEY, ABB, BECKHOFF, OMRON, MITSUBISHI ... via HETRONIK developed PLC projects exchanging data fully automatic.
  • PROFIBUS-DP, PROFINET, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, ...
  • compensation of heat fluctuation with non-constant supply voltage
  • temperature control with auto tuning
  • diagnostic via LCD, LEDs und WINDOWS software
  • ...

Who use HC products ?

Our customers are world-wide and consist of machine builders, manufacturers and system integrators.

Where are the main markets for HC products ?

Our main customers are based in Europe, North America, China, India and South Korea. Because nearly all our customers are global players, our products are used all over the world.

How many machines are in operation with HC-products ?

Many thousand.

In what main industries are HC-products found ?

It is unlikely that today there is still a single automobile or airplane manufactured not having parts made with HC-product controlled heaters. We estimate that more than half of the refrigerator inner and door liner production worldwide is thermoformed with help of HC-products. Each day millions of PET bottles and plastic packaging containers are heat treated with HC-products.

Are HC-products for machine and plant builders only ?

No, since ever our development focus is also retrofits / replacement of outdated controls as well as individual projects.

Where are the HC-products designed and manufactured ?

Exclusively from HETRONIK = „made in Germany“.

How big is the market for HC-products ?

Multi-channel power / heater controllers are a niche product drawing interest from a few hundred machine builders worldwide.

Since when have HC-products been available?

Since 1996.

Does HETRONIK manufacturer other than HC-products ?

No, we are specialized and exclusively focused in multi-channel power / heater controllers.

How long is the life span of HC-products ?

HC-products are high quality power electronics not allowing any compromises regarding components, design and dimensioning. Life time of any electronic depends on quality of the cooling air (dirt, heat) and use of original fuses - factors we recommend but are controlled by our customers and end users.

What is the main failure reason ?

Defective power switches to be replaced, because they are killed by short circuit at the HC outputs, because original fuses are not used = application error.

Does HETRONIK repair defective HC-products ?

Yes when possible.

Are old HC-products still manufactured for spare part needs ?

Yes, all HC products are available for spares.

How long is the delivery time for HC-products ?

We delivery complete HC-systems within 20 working days. In addition, we have enough HC-products in stock to meet spare part needs and urgent deliveries.

How is spare part availably ensured for end users?

Via our machine builders, worldwide dealers/distributors or direct.
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