Customers and markets

HC Heater Controllers are niche products for which there are only a few hundred potential customers worldwide.

The largest share of our sales are made by serial machine builders.
Most are in Europe, Turkey, North America, China, Korea and Japan.

In a globalized world also HETRONIK is a global player with highly specialized products.

Due to the focus on simple and universal applicability (without the need for on-site commissioning support), the HC products have always been used for individual projects.

There are thousands of

  • cut sheet thermoforming machines
  • infrared ovens (IR ovens)
  • laminating presses
  • machines for hot caulking / anchoring / welding e.g. of plastic rivets
  • paint dryers
  • ...

which have a lifespan of well over 20 years.

Several hundred machines were renewed by our automation customers with our HC products (machine modernization, retrofit, revamping, rebuild).

Multi-channel power controllers are a key system in addition to the PLC and motor control, with a significant portion of the cost of automation in most cases.
In this respect, the price has always been the focus of our customers, who almost are competitors in their niche markets.
HETRONIK has always been neutral with a unified pricing and discount policy.

With 3 product families

  • HC500 = high end
  • HC700 = low cost
  • HC600 = traditional

HC products meet the most individual requirements for multi-channel requirements for all markets and customers.

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